When we were in Brazil, we met a fabulous guide (Fito  Downs, whose website, Pittasoma Tours is here). Although guiding in Brazil, Fito is from Costa Rica, and during our very enjoyable time with him, he extolled the virtues of Costa Rica. We were quickly persuaded, and the following year, we asked Fito to put together a tour for us. We flew in MAN->ATL->SJO (need an overnight at ATL, because of flight timings). At SJO< we were met and taken to Selva Verde  Lodge, where we settled immediately. We then moved on to the Arenal Observatory Lodge and from there, by boat, to stay at Hotel el Bosque, a perfect base for the cloud forest. From there, a trip to the Pacific coast, where it warmed up a little, staying at Ensenada Lodge before finally moving to Villa LaPas for the final few days.  In summary, the trip was fabulous, and the jewel in the crown was being joined by Fito for the last two venues - he has superb knowledge and skills. We are already planning a return trip, probably 2019.

Arenal Volcano
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